JT Kraai

VP of Strategic Development

JT brings over 30 years of business management expertise to the Learning Point team. He is responsible for both the client and associate experience. JT takes extreme care in leaving everyone he works with better than he found them. He is described as service-oriented, articulate, pragmatic, and strategic. We’re just very grateful for his everyday leadership. He has a gift for empathy, a strong business acumen, and a passion for collaborative leadership. That combo is creating great things for the entire Learning Point community.

JT has had the privilege of consulting with hundreds of leaders in organizations, large and small. As a result, he relates extremely well with individuals at all levels and in all corners of an organization. JT has the instinctive ability to understand the client’s unvoiced questions and concerns, anticipate their needs, and craft clear, practical roadmaps to success. JT and his wife reside along the Columbia River, just outside of Portland, Oregon.