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Train for Results | Learning Point

Train for Results


Powerful tools for helping others learn and succeed at work.

In today’s workplace, the task of delivering training is not reserved for professional trainers alone. In fact, some of the most effective training available is that provided on-the-job, by co-workers, coaches, and supervisors.

Training for results will provide practical methods for turning training into business results. The workshop is designed especially for individuals who are called on to teach, train, and coach others in the workplace. Through a hands-on learning process, participants will use proven techniques and practical tools to deliver powerful training in both classroom and on-the-job settings to ensure performance results.


Two Days | 8:30a.m. to 4:00p.m.

Target Audience

Any manager, supervisor, team leader, or key professional who has responsibility for training and developing others.

Learning Process

You Will Learn How To:
  1. Tie training and learning directly to desired performance.
  2. Apply the four step action learning model.
  3. Effectively facilitate learning in the classroom, on the job, and online.
  4. Foster accountability for learning before, during, and after the training event.
  5. Use proven methods and current technology to enhance the learning process.
  6. Calculate and communicate the ROI for the training you provide.


What You Will Get From This Course

Welcome and Overview.

  • What Makes Great Training Great?
  • The Business Need for Learning.
  • How People Learn — Today — At Work.
  • The Total Learning Experience Model.
  • Action Based Learning.
  • Using Performance Objectives to Drive Learning.
  • From Objective to Learning Design.
  • From Learning Design to Learning Delivery.
  • Learning and Accountability.
  • Ensuring Focus and Engagement.
  • Creating Powerful Learning Activities.
  • Content Delivery Strategies.
  • Facilitating Application Discussions.
  • Conducting Practice and Feedback Sessions.
  • Using Technology to Achieve Total Learning.
  • Evaluating Learning Effectiveness.
  • Calculating the ROI of Learning.


Download a copy of the Training for Results Brochure by clicking on the image below:


Register for the Facilitation Skills Workshop in Utah